Infobaen UX design viewpoint and case study in the IoT era


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Hello. It is Yamagishi of Info Burn KYOTO.

This time, Infowburn Kyoto branch manager, Iito and design director Tsujimura entered “The 59th HCD-Net Salon in Kyoto” held at Kyoto Institute of Technology on January 8, 2016, so that I will report the contents.

Salon’s theme is “UX and HCD ~ Considering future IoT service ~”. In addition to Info-Burn, SERVICE DESIGN SPRINT can be said to be a practical UI design process using a prototype method by Soft Devices Co., Ltd., an application of Agile development by outlet Inc., Professor Yamazaki of Chiba Institute of Technology will be working with UX design thinking We talked about that case.

From InfoBurn I introduced the UX design viewpoint of our company and examples of its approach in the IoT era.

What is the UX design perspective you should have?

With the evolution of technology, the environment surrounding us is changing more and more rapidly. In the IoT era where all products merge with digital and become intelligent, what type of mindset should I tackle with UX?

Need for change of viewpoint to capture experience

It is natural that HCD and UX are “user-centric”, and it is important to capture the experience from the same viewpoint as the user to design a new service.

For example, as an example of innovation of Alamo Rent-a-Car which was done by Doblin Group of Strategic Consulting Firm based in Chicago, they made a great growth as a business by changing viewpoint from a business viewpoint to a user perspective.

When a rental car business operator sees a user experience in “within the scope of its business area”, only the scope of “touch lending car rental” can be seen by the company and customer’s touch points. However, irrespective of such a thing for the user, it is worth the experience of the surroundings such as “Rent-a-car stop to stop the child not going far”, “Stop by a convenience store after renting a car and buy a snack” It is. Changing the viewpoint shows that there are numerous end-goals of customers themselves in the “outside” of customer experience visible to the company, and users will see that they are experiencing them.

The Doblin Group thoroughly identifies these needs and discover new experiences by innovating the touch points with users. I was able to expand business opportunities greatly without changing the basic scheme of rent-a-car. In other words, by giving consciousness to “outside” experiences that customers themselves were not conscious of, it can be said that there is opportunity other than technological innovation and transformation of large business schemes.

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It is important to note that as we become accustomed to viewing from the user’s point of view, we begin to judge user experience without permission, and the ability to see broadly and bird’s-eye view will decline. That is why it is important for us to get back to the user’s perspective as it gets used to it, and it is fundamentally important to stand in the perspective the user is experiencing.

Understand universal experience value and changing experiences

As the digital evolves and IoT has become widespread, the times are changing dramatically, but even if the times change, the user’s original desire to “want to spend comfortably” “want to get information” does not change.

Then, if the desire does not change, is it okay to skip the user survey process as being able to understand the user already?

That can be said to be different. This is because the context of “what kind of experiences the important customer is seeking” for the company and “the experience of the user itself” will change, even though the user’s original need is not changed.

For example, due to the evolution of technology, the main method of obtaining our information changed from paper to Web browser. Devices such as smartphones appeared, digital evolved to what can be touched through the interface. As we expand our range of experiences, the background and experiences themselves change, even if the fundamental desires do not change.

Therefore, it can be said that it is becoming even more important to understand the user’s context and value again as it is a changing era, and searching for values ​​through persona and customer journeys.

In the IoT era in which products seamlessly connect each other, understanding the essential needs obtained from value search, searching for interfaces that are not bound by traditional preconceptions such as hardware and software, and utilizing the obtained big data are innovation Infobarn thinks that it is important for raising age.

Case study of Info-Burn

Following the “UF design viewpoint of Info-Burn in the era of IoT”, we introduced two examples of our research as R & D.

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Interlocking sound and physical sensation “POLYPHONIC DRAWING”

“POLYPHONIC DRAWING” is a 3D drawing application using the Oculus lift that can play music through “body sensation” “JUSCAR”.

From the 1990’s when information was operated with the keyboard and mouse of the PC, beyond the mobile era standardized to touch the screen directly, from now it is possible to operate the information in a more natural and natural way I believe.

As one of its possibilities, “POLYPHONIC DRAWING” was born by multiplying new sense, feel and music. You can control and control sounds and objects according to hand shapes and gestures. In Info Burn, we are seeking not only “POLYPHONIC DRAWING” but also how to engage information and human acts, perception.



Enrich our lives. “CREATION IN THE LIFE”

The second introduction is “CREATION IN THE LIFE”. This is a design activity that aims to enrich our lives by using InfoBurn’s creativity and the power of technology.

Currently, I am focusing on “cuisine” which has a great creative side in my daily life. Based on value searching obtained from behavior observation, attempt to redesign cooking experience itself from navigation method, named “KITchen” project. It is prototyping with the goal of “kit for easy cooking (KIT)” that can personalize cooking experiences through assetization of personal taste and intelligence of products and recipes used during cooking!

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According to Fjord’s recommendation “Living Services” mentioned in the service design conference report , the sense of distance between information and users has changed in the IoT era. Information becomes more familiar and personalized as necessary information for us. In the IoT era where this kind of thing happens naturally, we are conducting research on Infoburn while trial and error, with the theme of how to contact with information and how to interface with information.