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Since December 27, 2002, InfoBurn Co., Ltd. announced that it will provide information services “The heart of news” to @ NetHome members (approximately 360,000 households) at the broadband Internet service @ NetHome offered by Atnette Home Inc. “We will start delivering.

“The core of the news” is a monthly comprehensive information magazine “Saizo” that reports information that the mass media such as politics, economics, society, entertainment etc. that we are publishing in an easy-to-understand manner, and membership pay mail magazine “Weekly Saizo 2.0” It is an information service based on the article of. Scoops approaching the core of every field, such as politics, IT, finance, venture, media, etc. not reported by large media such as newspapers and television, and entertainment information from a unique viewpoint are scheduled to be delivered. In addition, it also enriches a column that tells the basic facts of imadoki that you know and does not know, the real intention of digital equipment, and the back circumstances of the business world / business world. It also covers professional topics and will deliver “news that clearly shows the structure of the world”.

· First issue date: 18th May 1999

· Issuing form: Monthly

· Sales price: 690 yen (tax included)

· Issued number of copies: 150,000 copies

· Publication release: Infobahn Corporation

· Issuer: Kobayashi Hiroto

· Editor: Yu Kaoru → Monthly “Saizo” in detail here Monthly [Saizo] March issue Special contents & serialization

· Get ​​acquainted “Popular Industry Complete Guide [Life Insurance] Fierce Battle between the Financial Services Agency and the Life Insurance Industry over the Safety Net [Trading Companies] Where is the trading company that can survive in the era of intercompanying big organization [construction] pursue structural increase [Bank] Bankman’s real intention “Minister Takenaka is contradicted!”

· Reason why scandals can not stop reasons behind the supermarket

· Building 30 years, asset value is zero! What? Approach short-term aging problems in apartment buildings!

· Mineral water was so dangerous! What? Other

· “Japanese Principle of LOL” problem

· Miya Tadashi × Miyazaki Tetsuya “M2”

· Tatsuya Egawa “Egawa ceremony study method”

· Takahashi becomes “a dog’s stone”

· Hiroo Yamagata “Yamagata Dojo” etc.

【About InfoBurn Inc.】

Founded in 1998, Info-Burn Co., Ltd. is a new media company that can do everything from input to output, such as planning, editing, production, design, sales and distribution, all on one stop. Taking advantage of the know-how of publishing original publication media as well as publishing monthly “Saizo”, books, web magazines, e-mail magazines, providing content creation for client companies, providing designs, creating corporate custom magazines and building websites, for other media We distribute various contents including distribution of various contents.