Is it advisable to Secure a Smartphone?

Is it advisable to Secure a Smartphone?

If we take into account that the coverage of legal and commercial guarantees is limited, the question we pose becomes an affirmation: it is advisable to secure a smartphone. We explain it through the present “post”.

Secure a smartphone

We can not live without him. Both personally and professionally, the smartphone has become our best ally and main Internet connection device in front of the PC and the “tablet”.

According to a Google report, more than 80% of Spaniards use a smartphone. And from the blog of We are Safe , an initiative of the Spanish Union of Insurance and Reinsurance Entities (Unespa) , point out that it is estimated that the value of the current mobile park in our country is about 15,000 million euros.

And as with a car or a motorcycle – and by extension, anything that can be guaranteed – a smartphone runs a series of risks. For example, the breakage of the screen -one of the most feared mishaps by its owners-, falling into the sink or pool, being stolen -in Latin America, smartphones are very appealing to the friends of others-, catching fire or exploding while It is charging the battery, being the object of cybercriminals …

But despite this, not all smartphone owners pay enough attention to the security of their device. In this respect, and when it comes to acquiring a smart mobile phone, are we really interested in knowing the extension of the official guarantee and what coverage does it include? Are we planning to increase them with additional insurance? And now, once we bought a smartphone, we worried about installing an antivirus?

How long is the warranty of a smartphone?

On the first question, when we acquire a smartphone we will find two types of guarantee: that of the manufacturer and the commercial one.

  • Manufacturer’s guarantee. Also known as a legal guarantee, in the European Union it must have an extension of 2 years for new products . And for an extra outlay, it is usually possible to extend it.

If after its acquisition the device has to go through the official technical service, the manufacturer is obliged to guarantee the repair for 6 months.

In the case of purchases over the Internet, it is advisable to check where the seller’s tax office is located and find out about the coverages included in the legal guarantee before making the purchase.

  • Commercial guarantee In addition to the legal, it is the guarantee offered by the seller of a product. When formalized, its duration and territorial scope must be specified. Normally, this warranty gives the buyer a period to try the product and can return it or exchange it for another if it does not satisfy or detect any problem.

Resulta ng larawan para sa smart phone

What coverages does the manufacturer’s warranty include for a smartphone?

If we focus on the legal guarantee, the brand must respond for the defects presented by the smartphone, or its malfunction, provided that the irregularities have not been caused by the buyer. That is, when the product is defective at the factory. That being the case, the manufacturer will have to repair or replace the device. And if this is not possible, you must apply a reduction in the price of the terminal or admit the delivery thereof and return the money we paid for it.

But, if the defects or failures of the smartphone are due to misuse by the owner, the warranty will not help. We are talking about scratches or scratches on the screen, damage by water, liquids, humidity or exposure to extreme temperatures, etc. Also, the legal guarantee does not contemplate the delivery of a new device if it has been stolen or stolen. And that’s where insurance for smartphones comes into play.

Insurance for smartphone: what do they cover?

But before hiring a policy for the smartphone it is no good that we read carefully the coverage of our home insurance. Because beyond the basic “lifelong” coverage, such as civil liability, property damage, etc., this type of product has been modernized and nowadays, in some modalities, it also covers damage or the theft that may be suffered by mobile phones, computer devices or image and sound devices that we have acquired.

So, if our home insurance has this coverage we will sleep more calm knowing that the smartphone is safe. Although as with all policies, it is advisable to know the clauses to know exactly in which cases the device is covered.

And another option to ensure the smart mobile phone is represented by the insurance for smartphones sold by operators and telephony shops, as well as by the insurance sector. As for their coverage, they vary depending on the policy contracted. But, broadly speaking, we can summarize some of those that are currently offered:

  • Protection against accidental damage suffered by a screen.
  • Protection against damage caused by liquids.
  • Protection against damage caused by an overvoltage.
  • Theft and / or theft coverage.
  • Protection against fraudulent calls.
  • Telephone technical assistance
  • Extension of repairs in the official technical service.
  • Provision of a “smartphone” in case the insured is in the technical service.
  • Substitution of the “smartphone” damaged by another equal or similar characteristics.

At this point, it is possible that some readers of the blog of Xenasegur still wonder if it is worthwhile to purchase insurance for a “smartphone”. And while it is true that this decision concerns each user, it is not less that it must be rational and correspond to the value we give to our device and the cost of acquisition – in many cases, quite high.

What is clear is that more and more owners of a “smartphone” decide to purchase insurance for their terminal. In this regard, as indicated by CPP Group Spain , a firm specializing in protection and assistance services, the purchase of mobile smart phone insurance increased by 15% in 2017 compared to 2016.


Resulta ng larawan para sa smart phone

Tips to protect our “smartphone” from cybercriminals

Going back to the beginning of the present “post”, the “smartphone” has become an indispensable device in our day to day, whether to consult a web page, send a message through WhatsApp or perform a professional management. Does anyone imagine an insurance mediator without a smart mobile phone? Therefore it is advisable to pay attention to their guarantees (legal and commercial), expand their coverage with insurance and, not least, protect it from cybercriminals.

For this last, from the Office of Security of the Internaut (OSI) they offer us the following advice:

Protection against damage caused due to exposure to extreme temperatures.

  • Install an antivirus. Some “apps” are designed to infect “smartphones”.
  • Stay alert The increased use of mobile devices has led to an increase in the number of fraud attempts through smartphones.
  • Protect the mobile. The blocking of the screen and the use of strong passwords will prevent third parties from accessing the “smartphone” information in case of theft.
  • Caution in connections to public Wi-Fi networks, as well as to other devices via Bluetooth.
  • Avoid overriding the manufacturer’s restrictions, as they are designed so that the device works correctly without safety risks.