Telematics in the car: What advantages and disadvantages does technology bring to motorists?

The guides provide general information. Product details of CosmosDirekt can be found on the respective product pages. More and more insurance companies offer telematics tariffs. With these customers can receive discounts on the motor insurance through their driving style. Especially for novice drivers, this model is interesting. But the fact that the driving behavior is generally safer, speaks for the telematics use. We explain further advantages of the te

IdeenExpo 2019 should inspire again for technology

Excite young people in technology - but how? The creators of the IdeenExpo in Hannover have their very own idea: "Changing your ideas" is the concept of the event. It could also be "join in, touch, inquire" when it invites for the seventh time to Europe's largest science and technology youth event next year. Because this is what the creators value: not only to awaken the spirit of inquiry of children and adolescents abstractly. The next opportunity is from

SoundFlow: Wireless Headphones and Smartphone Case in One

  Ever since the market launch of the Apple Airpods are the completely wireless headphones on the rise. There are now some good headsets at acceptable prices. A big advantage and at the same time a problem of small earplugs is the size. Due to the compact dimensions and the wireless design, the headphones are quickly lost and are usually expensive to buy. The company Ascape Audio therefore recently presented a clever solution to the problem on Indiego...