Started efforts of Work way reform ~ Introduction of rear rearing allowance system that all employees cooperate to reduce overtime hours

Aim for an organization to respond flexibly to rapidly changing markets

In the digital marketing industry, refined strategies and reliable execution power are required more than ever in response to ad-technology that is updated every second, and remarkable changes in trends of digital usage by consumers. In addition, Internet advertising expenditure continued to surpass the previous year in 2016 , and its demand has continued to expand for several years. On the other hand, despite the demand for high expertise, there is a situation in which the development of human resources development and development environment has not sufficiently kept up with the growth rate of the industry. Against this backdrop, it has become evident as a problem of the industry as a whole that employees with high skills tend to continue to work for a long time to meet strong needs.

As the InfoBurn Group, we have always tried to secure more talented personnel and to foster it at an early stage, but we have not been able to sufficiently improve long-term work that is on a normal trend. The labor force will also decline in the future and it is expected that securing excellent young people who can play an active role in the advanced digital marketing industry will become increasingly difficult.

Also, in the last few years I have been trying to improve the efficiency of the whole work by introducing telecommuting system, outsourcing etc, but already “ease of work” is positioned as an important point of company selection Today, Our group was also in a situation where more drastic efforts were required.

To the mechanism that company encourages efforts of business efficiency of each employee

Since April 2017, the Infoburn Group has revised its personnel system drastically and started a series of reforms to realize a comfortable working environment.

Specifically, we will set up “personnel” who will be “entrusted” for early human resources development, closer each other’s care by segmenting the team formation, and promote concrete measures to resolve long-time work We incorporate.

As an example, we set up a “rear reimbursement” system as a system to reward direct reduction of long hours work. This is a system of pooling in advance the overtime benefits of the entire company in accordance with the monthly overtime hours target value and if the amount actually paid falls below that, the surplus amount is returned to the target employees.


This aim is to set a common goal for everyone belonging to our group, so that we will be conscious not to do unnecessary overtime work. At the same time, in order to prevent concentration of work to some employees, we aim to foster a climate where everyone can help each other beyond the framework of teams and divisions, and to promote autonomous work sharing . In addition to this, we are expecting a reduction in overtime allowances paid in the past, so we will review the way of returning the entire personnel expenses, such as increasing the basic salary of all employees by an average of 5% or more, enriching both life and work We will continue to take measures to prepare the environment we have done.

Our group, which has been engaged in business as a pioneer in digital media for nearly 20 years, has taken the initiative and promoted this kind of movement to realize the rise in the quality of the digital media as a whole and the satisfaction of the consumer We hope to lead to the development of digital marketing by advertisers who utilize the information. As a result, we will continue to work on the mindset to rebuild the business model of digital media in a richer direction, thank you for your understanding, thank you.