The best bluetooth speakers to buy in 2018: which to choose


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Bluetooth speakers are very convenient tools to take anywhere. Do you fancy a bit of rock while you cook? You do not need cables: you take it, you plant it next to the countertop, and enjoy your playlist . Its large batteries, its technologies for streaming from different devices and its gradual transformation into intelligent assistants make bluetooth speakers a perfect gadget to give or have in any room of the home.

It must be recognized that the Bluetooth market has never enjoyed a particularly cheerful press. For years, the different Bluetooth protocols did not measure up to enjoy musical quality without sacrificing somewhere. But this scenario has changed radically. The current standard v4.2 and the imminent Bluetooth 5.0 guarantee a quality similar to the CD or even higher .


By technologies it will not be: we have a security protocol (SSP, Secure Simple Pairing), an adaptive transfer according to the system (EDR, Enhanced Data Rate) and codecs to perform HD streaming from Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or Amazon Music Unlimited . Surround sound, automatic pairing between several speakers and very competent prices: let’s look at the middle segment, towards the best-rated and best-loved speakers among users and critics.

Sonos One

Altavoz bluetooth Sonos

And we start with a heavy weight. Of 1.85 kg to be exact. It fits a nuance: this speaker needs to be permanently wired. In fact, it is not even connected by Bluetooth but by WiFi or Ethernet 10/100 Mbps. But it deserves a place of honor thanks to its unprecedented versatility and audio quality. It is resistant to humidity and compatible with more than 60 audio services, including SoundCloud, Rhapsody, Duomi, Google Play Music, Amazon Cloud Player, Bandcamp or Spotify .

A delight for music lovers that plays without fear almost any audio format: MP3, iTunes Plus, WMA, AAC (MPEG4) or uncompressed files of WAV and AIFF format. In addition, when Alexa arrives in Spain, this speaker will become the smartest of its kind thanks to its six long-range microphones, and its environmental noise reducer.


Bose SoundLink Revolve +

Altavoz bluetooth Bose

The two strengths of this Bose, elder brother of the Revolve that has achieved so many positive reviews, are clear: 16 battery drums and water resistance complying with the IPX4 protocol. The speaker of the American firm has authentic 360 ° sound thanks to a transducer and two passive radiators that project sound in all directions.

Its water resistance makes it ideal to keep it in any place: next to a pool, on a garden table, next to the sink or even on the shelves of the shower. A bold speaker that has NFC connection, Bluetooth 4.2, 3.5 mm jack and micro-USB ; an almost indestructible handsfree that also has its own smartphone app.


JBL Pulse

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This JBL is much more than bright colors and LEDs. Its colors can be customized with the tips of your fingers, yes, but its 12 hours of battery and IPX7 waterproof case make it suitable for any scenario, wherever there is water and dust. This is your true strength.

It uses an advanced JBL Connect + technology that allows up to 100 speakers to be linked wirelessly . Of intense bass for its compact size and micro incorporated, the factor that separates this speaker from the rest lies in its vocation to sound outdoors. That is, while the Sonos One is ideal to crown a living room or bedroom, this JBL Pulse looks especially at parties far from the four walls.


Samsung Multiroom 360º R7


Samsung has been betting for years on a unique technology, Ring Radiator. For those who do not know it, its fun is to disperse the sound in a homogeneous way and create an enveloping scene. What we usually call “fill the space”. And we can be sure that this R7 gets it, at the expense of a robust and perhaps too heavy construction.

As in other models, this speaker has two exclusive, Samsung Multiroom 2.0 App and Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom , which allows us to control several speakers from a smartphone or tablet. Its multi-room features are worthwhile because not only can we reproduce the same music in several models, strengthening the stereo image, we can also play different music, independently, in each model. And its 125mm woofer and 25mm textile dome tweeter surprise for its controlled power.



Altavoz bluetooh LG

600 watts of power at a click. This is LG’s wireless audio proposal. If you already have an LG SmartTV , this speaker gives you the opportunity to listen to all the audio through it. But not only the sound of the TV, also of the smartphone, it tunes to the radio, it has a USB port to play music from any iPod or smart player you have at home, and so on.

On the other hand, it does not depend as much on the host gadget as other speakers: it has its own track control, volume, folder playback and even in mixer to play in random mode. And if it does not fit in any corner due to its dimensions, it can also be placed vertically, in column mode , without affecting the audio performance.


B & O PLAY Beolit

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The Beolit ​​15 is a small but bully team, one of these omnidirectional whims (like the Revolve + or the R7) that has plenty of power to sound anywhere: 240 W in a single unit.

Another of its strengths is its battery: this model designed by the prestigious Bang & Olufsen company holds up to 24 hours of continuous listening . An impeccable speaker, something more expensive than the proposals of its competitors, but which shows its value from the first listen. With a crystalline scene, each audio track is recreated with complete fidelity.


Harman Kardon Go + Play

Altavoz bluetooth Harman

Harman Kardon is another of those prestigious firms obtained through impeccable work. 100W through a model of quad speakers, its rechargeable battery provides about 8 hours of continuous playback and also serves as a platform to charge phones or tablets via USB.

Perhaps we are not in front of the most powerful model in terms of hearing, but its flared design made of stainless steel and resistant fabric grid conquers anybody by sight .


Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin

Altavoz bluetooth Bowers & Wilkins

And we close with this beast. There are users who do not settle for anything. They look for excellence and excellence they hope to achieve. With two 25W tweeters, two 25W mid-range drivers, a 50W subwoofer , this Zeppelin has plenty of power and a first-class wireless connection.

This is a loudspeaker for those looking for something more, a reference of bass, medium and high precision, an extra of sophistication, a top of range without launching at exorbitant prices that will decorate any shelf without having everything around you wired. A hard rival for the rest.