The City of Marbella will pay the debt of the municipal corporation Purchase and Contracting Management

The City of Marbella will pay the debt of the municipal corporation Purchase and Contracting Management

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The amount, which exceeds 13.8 million, will be paid over a period of 10 years

The City Council of Marbella (Malaga) approved today in a local government board the modification of the agreement in relation to the municipal company Management of Purchasing and Contracting Marbella SL – through which service contracts were managed during the governments gilistas and that the last year, he agreed to file a voluntary bankruptcy proceeding with the Mercantile Court of Málaga, whereby the Consistory agrees to pay the entire debt owed to the creditors. This amount amounts to 13,863,326.44 euros and will be paid over a period of 10 years.

The spokesman for the PP government team, Felix Romero, recalled at a press conference that there was an agreement under which “there was a reduction and a reduction was proposed for what had to be paid for those amounts illicitly disappeared from the City Council and that generated a real hole for businessmen in the city, “although he noted that taking into account the functioning of the budget development of the city and obtaining capital gains,” that in principle was not thought that could be raised, it has been estimated that it was modify the agreement. “

Thus, he explained that it is a “very important” agreement and that it shows “the seriousness, compliance and commitment of the Corporation to heal the wounds of the past and not cause damage to any company in the municipality, responding to everyone for the management that we did not do “, while pointing out that the proposal will have to be approved in the creditors’ contest in the Court.

With this action, the situation of entrepreneurs is “significantly improved”, since “they will continue charging what they were charging, but instead of charging until year five they will do it until year 10”, he added, while He added that it shows that the City Council is “responsible and realistic” in its management.

In this regard, explained that the reason for this change is due to “realistic approaches” of the government team, so that although “initially the City could not pay the entire amount, has reached the conclusion of that by improving this situation it is possible to respond to these legitimate aspirations “.

Pay mode

Regarding the mode of payment, of the total debt, 10.7 million euros are due to an “ordinary credit” that will begin to be paid from the date of the authorization of the court, as of January 1, 2011 at a rate of 1,077 .180 euros per month, and so for nine more years without interest, through 12 monthly payments for the 10 years.

Also, 1,131,784 euros will be paid on the basis of a ‘privileged credit’, that is, within a period of 120 days from the date of authorization of the court, without interest and as of January 2011, while the rest will be will pay through a subordinated loan -from the eleventh year without interest-.

However, independently of these 13.8 million euros, there is a debt of 4,169,858 euros, known as ‘contingent credit’, which is pending judicial resolution and which “will be executed with strict subjection to the judicial resolutions that proceed. “

Liberalization of the ap -7

On the other hand, the City Council asked the Ministry of Public Works for the liberalization of the toll of the AP-7 toll road, passing through the population center of San Pedro Alcántara, on the occasion of the Paso del Estrecho exit operation and the originating traffic problems. in the area of ​​works on burying.

“We are talking about a large-scale project, in which a very important traffic interruption was foreseen and where the Ministry of Public Works knew that this problem of retentions was going to increase with Operation Paso del Estrecho, even if there were measurements that talked about traffic of more than 60,000 vehicles per day both in Málaga and Cádiz, “he added.

Thus, he said that it is an “essential” measure taking into account that the 35,000 inhabitants of San Pedro must be added the many tourists who visit Marbella and who use the journey to travel.

In this regard, the municipal spokesman lamented “the comparative grievance” of Marbella with respect to other Spanish cities, as, he recalled, the Ministry of Development “has reached negotiations with other highway concessionaires for the liberalization of tolls in other municipalities where there were the same problems that we suffer in San Pedro. “

On the other hand, the local government board reported the acquisition by the City Council of a property of 1,000 square meters in the Fair building, in relation to an agreement of 1993 and that through the urban regularization of the General Plan of Urban Planning (PGOU) has allowed to obtain a “restitution” to the Corporation.

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Social measures

Finally, in social matters, the government team approved a collaboration agreement with the Malaga Bar Association to create counseling projects for disabled people through free online courses, which will promote knowledge of these people in the field of law. Thus, a link will be enabled on the website of the Social Welfare Delegation.

In addition, the proposal was given to the Social Welfare Delegation of the Junta de Andalucía to obtain a funding commitment for workshops aimed at older people. Specifically, the amount of the project amounts to 90,000 euros, of which 50 percent will be defrayed by the City Council.


Port the bajadilla

Finally, asked about the meeting held yesterday in Seville Qatar Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani with the president of the Junta de Andalucía, José Antonio Griñán, to expose some of their investment projects in the region, the municipal spokesman demanded the Board that “does not put any kind of damage” to the project to expand the Marina-La Bajadilla port.

“If we have the possibility, we want no problems and there is a proactive attitude on the part of the Junta de Andalucía, because this is good for Marbella, for Malaga and for Andalusia,” said Romero, who recalled that this is a need raised for more than 15 years and on which there have been “continuous promises” by the Andalusian Government, so he hoped that “is up to the circumstances.”