This you must know if you are going to carry out the mechanical technical revision of your vehicle


If your family or company has at least one car, you know that the technical-mechanical review is something indispensable that must be carried out annually.

Next, we will inform you about the aspects that you must keep in mind about the completion of the technical-mechanical review .

The technical-mechanical review must be carried out on all private vehicles, public service vehicles and motorcycles that transit the Colombian streets and highways. This revision is a mandatory procedure that is implemented to ensure that vehicles traveling on Colombian roads are in optimal conditions.

The technomechanical review and emission of gases, evaluates the body, condition of the brakes, direction, suspension, system of visual and audible signals, tires and the set of safety glasses, in addition to verifying that the vehicle complies with the emission standards pollutants established by the country’s environmental authorities.

Where can I perform the technical and gas emission review?

The technomechanical review and emission of vehicle gases must be performed in automotive diagnostic centers (CDA) authorized by the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of the Environment.

Remember that in order to carry out the technical-mechanical review you must present the SOAT and the registration number of the vehicle.

What is the cost of the technical-mechanical review and emission of gases?

The cost of the technomechanical revision for the year 2018 are approximately the following:

Motorcycles: $ 122,200 + ANSV

Private cart: $ 193,200 + ANSV

Public service car: $ 181,300 + ANSV

ANSV (National Road Safety Agency)


Motorcycles Particular car Public service car

2016 – 2018

$ 5,200 $ 5,400 $ 5,100

2011 – 2015

$ 5,300 $ 5,600

$ 5,300

2002-2010 $ 5,500 $ 5,800

$ 5,400

2001 or lower $ 5,300 $ 5,600

$ 5,300


If your vehicle does not pass the technomechanical review you have 15 days to make the respective improvements and the new techno-mechanical review does not have an additional cost, if you exceed those 15 days again you have to pay the entire revision.

* Bear in mind that if you do not make the technical and gas emission review in time, you can be fined.

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